The Intelligent Grid

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Grid with Apparent

Apparent is a smart grid solution powered by big data.  We build intelligent technology to revolutionize energy production, delivery and use. We are the first company to digitally supply the precise power demands of a consumer or the grid from any renewable energy source without sacrificing energy production.

Apparent brings intelligence to the grid.  In this nascent era of the Internet of Things–a world where everyday objects are networked and can communicate–Apparent’s technology plays a crucial role. We provide the capability to connect all of these objects to the next generation smart grid, or what we’ve been calling, the intelligent grid.

How does it work?

Apparent’s MGI and igOS technology suite uses a combination of software and hardware to harness a greater dimension of power from renewable systems, all while delivering intelligence and control to the grid.  At its most basic level, Apparent’s technology is able to generate (and absorb) reactive power as needed by the grid, dynamically, and without a loss of efficiency in its real power output.  This makes an Apparent-enabled system both stable for the grid, and more profitable in most cases (depending on regional tariffs and pricing structures in the market where the customer is based).
Apparent Smart Grid
On a broader level, all Apparent-enabled systems are networked and overlaid with a powerful software platform that monitors energy performance and revenue generation, as well as providing full dispatch and control capabilities.  A fully deployed Apparent solution makes renewable smarter, giving the operator a great deal of control in how the energy is deployed and used, both for the benefit of the user and the grid.  Additionally, the dynamic control and analytics provided by Apparent’s igOS software platform allows renewable system owners to participate in the ancillary services energy markets, a lucrative and previously unattainable revenue source for renewable system owners (to learn more, see Apparent’s OS Platform).  The result is an advanced intelligent grid system, that is more stable, intelligent and profitable.


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