The Intelligent Grid

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For the Customer

Today: Solar

  • Customers today using Apparent’s igOS technology on their solar installations benefit from a 30% more energy production revenue from the same number of panels.  This means more money in the customer’s pocket, and fewer panels cluttering their rooftops or property.  The igOS will get smarter and more efficient over time, because the technology is designed to learn from the both the customer’s energy use and the energy sources the customer is connected to.  The result is the first truly distributed smart grid that only gets smarter and more efficient over the life of ownership.  Plus, since the igOS is software-based, there is no need for costly hardware retrofits; Apparent can update its technology remotely with improved strategies to maximize revenue production in changing market and regulatory conditions.

Tomorrow and Beyond

  • Energy Trading: Apparent has built out the first ancillary services energy trading platform to utilize renewable sources to support the grid.  Once launched, Apparent’s energy trading platform will generate additional revenue for system owners.
  • Other applications: Apparent is building on its initial solar application to offer the same results for other renewable energy sources such as wind.  We are not stopping there: with the release of the Apparent ASICS chip technology, any high energy-use appliance or piece of equipment embedded with our chip can instantaneously become more efficient, smarter, and connected.

For the Grid and Environment

  • It’s simple: more renewable energy is becoming more cost effective and better for the environment.   However the initial designs for solar power relying on dumb inverters and fixed PPA contracts were fine when solar was a minor nuisance to the grids real generators. As solar becomes dominant it must actively help the grid’s stability and participate in the free real time market based approach that the grid ISO uses to manage supply and demand.   If the world is unable to scale its renewable production, we will always be reliant on dirty sources of power like coal and fossil fuels.  In order to scale, renewable energy will need to be more stable, integrative, and cost effective.  This is where apparent comes in.


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